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As I type this, we’re expected to hit the upper 80’s/lower 90’s today.  A week from now though, we’ll be lucky to get into the low 70’s.  That means that Fall has arrived here in Northwest Arkansas, not that summer isn’t going down without a fight!  This is a very good time of year for the church family.  People are done with summer vacations, and they’re getting into the groove of taking the kids to school, etc.  Our attendances start picking back up, and we can get that synergy and momentum going again! That’s awesome! I believe our September has set us up for an incredible October. We had two special events in September. The first was Missions Sunday, and it was an incredible blessing. The following week, we had our Iglesia Cristiana Bring-A-Friend event, and it also did not disappoint! Those events have already created some great momentum and have helped us invite in and develop relationships with new visiting families.
As we kick off October, we will also be kicking off a new message series titled “The Faces of Money.” You’ve heard me say, and you’ll hear me say again, that money isn’t good, money isn’t bad. Money is neutral. For disciples, it’s up to us to determine how our money will be used. In this message series, we’ll evaluate our own practices and determine how our lives identify money. Is it an idol? Something that regularly and routinely pulls our focus from God? Are we pursuing monetary gain, or are we pursuing Christlikeness? Is it a tool used for good? Are we leveraging the resources that God has given us to bring about his kingdom? Is it used as an act of worship? Are we faithfully trusting God as our provider and sustainer, and do our spending and giving habits reflect that? Though this series will be just three messages, it’s an absolutely necessary topic, and I’m excited to share it with you!

I think most of you know that this series will have large portions of time spent on tithing. The tithe was first introduced in the Old Testament, but it’s echoed as the beginning point of giving in the New Testament. Throughout the ancient Scriptures, we see that God moves in and among his people as they give. While the prosperity gospel is heretical in nature, the truth is that God does choose to work in incredible ways to bless those who are faithful in their giving. I’ll flesh this out a little in one of our messages, but we’re not ashamed to tell people that tithing is the best way for Jesus people to invest their resources. Because of that, RCC offers a program titled, “The 6-Month Challenge.” I will talk about this program in each of the three messages I preach in the upcoming weeks, but I also wanted to lay it out here. Because our leadership has experienced the blessing of tithing so emphatically and powerfully in our lives, we offer a guarantee to anyone that is not actively tithing. If you will commit to give a tithe faithfully for the next six months, we guarantee that if at the end of that six-month period you are not convinced that God is blessing you in ways he wasn’t before, and that tithing isn’t worth it, we’ll refund the entire amount you gave. I bet you’ve never been a part of a church that did such a thing. You are now! We’ve extended this challenge many times over the last 10 years, and every time, we have people take us up on the offer. To this day, no one has ever asked for their money back. If you’re not tithing, I encourage you to take this leap of faith and be a part of the six-month challenge. More details will come in our messages, and I encourage you to make it a high priority to be here every Sunday in October.
Finally, October is a special month for churches. Somewhere along the line, someone dubbed October, “Pastor Appreciation Month.” Let me just encourage you to get involved in this with a few subtle encouragements. First off, let’s open it up and perhaps we can call it, “Church Staff Appreciation Month.” Secondly, I am very excited to let you know that I am in a season where I feel loved and encouraged incredibly. I get to serve day in and day out with my best friends in the world. I am a part of a church that loves me, forgives me, and encourages me. Any focus or attention you would put my way, I’d ask you instead to offer encouragement to our Office Manager, Alecia Davis; our Worship Pastor, Allen Williams; our Student Pastor, Isaac King; our Iglesia Cristiana Pastor, Freddy Alas; our Children’s Director, Jamie Fleming; our Nursery Coordinator, Becky King; and our Campus Custodian, Anne Marie Oliver. Prayers, cards, perhaps a gift of some kind, go further than you can know. These people work incredibly hard among you, please let them know you appreciate them. I also can’t help but include our chief shepherds in the church, our elders. These men work hard among you and deserve the same treatment as our church staff:  Matt Clay, Brian Howard, Jim Mote, John Meyer, Preston Pierson, Dennis Thurman, and Josh Turner. We have great servants among us, and they certainly don’t do it for cards or accolades. That’s what makes the appreciation shown so much of an encouragement. It’s kind of like an ice cream sundae you order from Braum’s. It’s coming out the window, and you’re excited to have it! But! They pull it back in and say, “Hold on!” They disappear from sight for a few moments, and then return with a cherry on top. You didn’t even miss the cherry, but now that it’s there, it just makes it a little bit better! That’s what a kind word or a card means to those that work hard among us. I am grateful for each of them. Please join me in appreciating them.

In Christ,

Zach Davis

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We are making our way through the book of Ephesians in my Wednesday evening Community Group. Paul writes in 1:16, “I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.” Paul is, most likely, writing to a group of believers who he only knows anecdotally. He doesn’t know them personally, and yet, is encouraged to hear about the measure of their faith while living in a world that is hostile to the Gospel. We talked about how we need to give thanks for our brothers and sisters within our church family. The act of praying for and giving thanks for them has transformative power that informs our worship and allows us to know Him better. Let me challenge you to spend a portion of your prayer time giving thanks for the people that sit around you on Sunday mornings.

On October 13th-14th is the Respond Worship Retreat hosted by Maranatha Bible Camp in Everton, MO. This is another great weekend in which members of the adult worship team and youth band members can worship, learn, and grow together in Christ, our understanding of worship, and our instrument/vocal skills. Please visit www.respondworship.org for more information and to register for the retreat. When you do register, please let me know so that we can organize travel arrangements.

Family Camp is November 3rd-5th at Maranatha Bible Camp. Let me encourage you to make this weekend a priority for your family. It starts on Friday evening after work and dismisses on Sunday early afternoon. There are 3 main sessions and various activities for the young and older children. The heart behind this weekend is that, as a dad, I rarely get time specifically with my children. The entire weekend places a high value on family interaction, and it has blessed my own family beyond measure! You will hear more about it in the coming weeks, but please consider this a save-the-date communication. Click this link for registration and pricing information: http://maranathabiblecamp.org/retreat-season-events/fall-family-camp

We have lots of new music to introduce this year. Take a listen to them so that you’ll be familiar and are prepared to sing LOUDLY!

What I See.

Yes & Amen.

God of Miracles.

1,000 Names.

So Will I.


See you Sunday!
Servin’ God and Lovin’ It!

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Numa Student Calendar - October-November

October 21 - We're heading to the Aurora Corn Maze in Aurora, MO!  We'll be leaving at 3:30pm, and getting back at 12am.  We'll roast hotdogs over the fire, get lost in a maze of corn, ride carnival rides and more!  $25 per student.  Must Sign-up to attend.

October 25 - OASIS Costume Party - This is a fun Wednesday night where we come dressed in an appropriate costume and have a big party!  Contests, snacks, and games!  Invite your friends!  6:30pm - 8:00pm.

October 31 - Trunk-or-Fest:  6:00-7:30pm
Come join us for a fun family event! Volunteer your decorated trunks! Please be looking out for ways to serve - we need people to decorate trunks and hand out candy. Those who are unable to provide a trunk can donate candy or desserts for the Cake Walk! Jamie will also have sign ups out for people to help with food service and manning other activity stations. Please help make this event great! Bring your siblings and invite your friends!

November 4-5 - THE EVENT @ Ozark Christian College - High School Only! This is an amazing weekend of Worship, diving into the book of Acts with leading Bible teachers, fun with your friends, and team building.   We head to Joplin, MO at Ozark Christian College.

November 22 - NO OASIS - Enjoy Thanksgiving Break

479-426-5897  //  isaac@rogerscc.org

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What an incredible month we've had! We just finished a month-long series on Moses and the way God worked through him. I have adapted “exploration stations” at the end of our Kids Worship time. After we worship, have communion, and hear our lesson, that is the time when the stations are open to enrich learning. These stations vary in mediums such as art, music, drama, games, experiments and more! They are available for kids to explore at their own pace, but go along with whatever we are learning to help them better understand the lesson. We had some really fun Moses Exploration Stations this month to introduce the idea. I hope your kids have enjoyed this as much as I have!

Upcoming Events:

Trunk-or-Fest: October 31st , 6:00-7:30pm
Come join us for a fun family event! Decorated trunks and games, candy, cake walk, inflatables, food, and more! Please be looking out for ways to serve - we need people to decorate trunks and hand out candy. Those who are unable to provide a trunk can donate candy or desserts for the cake walk! I will also have sign ups out for people to help with food service and manning other activity stations. Please help make this event great! Bring your kids and invite your friends!

Operation Christmas Child
It's that time of year again! Our church will be participating in Operation Christmas Child. This ministry sends toys and the gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world to children in need. Participating is simple: pick up a box from the Worship Center foyer and follow the packing guide inside. Once you have packed your box, be sure to add $11 to cover shipping and save your package until the drop-off date of November 12th in the worship center.  More details will be in the bulletin over the coming weeks!


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Hello,  RCC Family!

In the month of October, children in the nursery will be learning lessons all about how Jesus loves children! Our theme will be based out of the verse in Mark 10:16 "And he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them." 

We will help your child hear songs and words about Jesus' love for children;  feel loved by caring teachers;  And they will participate in play activities that teach him or her about Jesus' love.

Activities to connect with your child at home:

                                 • Tell It
Jesus Loved the Little Children
Jesus loved the little children.
Mommies and Daddies brought their children to Jesus.

Jesus held the little babies dose. 
Big boys and girls walked to Him all by themselves! 
Jesus smiled at all the children. And the children smiled at Him. 
Some children came and sat near Jesus. Some children climbed right up in His lap! Jesus loved each one. (See Mark 10:13-16.)

• Sing It  
Each Little Child 
(Tune: "Mary Had a Little Lamb") 
Jesus loves each little child, Little child, little child.
Jesus loves each little child, He loves you, yes, He does. 

Sing this song to your child, inserting your child's name in place of "each little child." Show your child a picture of Jesus. Say, Jesus loves you! Sing the song. Point to Jesus when you sing His name. Point to your child when you sing his or her name.


We have many volunteer opportunities available in the Harbor Nursery Ministry and at Check-in!
1st and 2nd Service Check-in Volunteer
1st and 2nd Service Nursery Teachers
1st and 2nd Service Substitutes

If you're interested in serving in this vital ministry at RCC, please reach out to Becky using the form below.  
Thank you!

Email Becky, The Nursery Coordinator, with the form below:

Blessings! Last month I wrote about What Worship is. Today I want to share with you about Genesis 1:27I have been working with man wanting to Embrace Our Divine Identity. A question that always comes up is: Who am I?

In the book of Genesis, we find a profound truth that has shaped the very essence of our faith: "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them" (Genesis 1:27 NIV). This divine declaration reveals the foundational principle that sets humanity apart from all other creatures on this Earth—the fact that we are created in God's image.

To be made in God's image is an incredible honor and responsibility. It means that we carry within us a reflection of the divine nature. Just as a mirror reflects the image of the one gazing into it, we are designed to reflect God's character, love, and attributes to the world around us. This truth reminds us of our inherent dignity and worth as human beings.

God's image in us is not limited to physical appearance; it encompasses our spiritual, moral, and intellectual aspects. It means that we have the capacity for love, compassion, creativity, and reason because God possesses these qualities. It also means that we are called to live our lives in a manner that reflects His righteousness and holiness.

Embracing our identity as beings created in God's image calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves, to treat every person with respect and dignity, and to stand up for justice and righteousness. It challenges us to strive for spiritual growth, to develop godly character, and to seek a deeper relationship with our Creator.

As members of the Church of Christ, let us remember that every person we encounter, regardless of their background or beliefs, bears the image of God. Therefore, let us love and serve them as Christ loved and served us. By doing so, we fulfill our divine purpose and contribute to God's kingdom on Earth. In this way, we bring glory to the One in whose image we are made.

In Christ,
Freddy Alas

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Please continue to pray for our partners in the Philippines, that God would continue to bless their ministries and that He would continue to show us how we can come alongside them in partnership.

-The International Missions Committee

Community Groups are active! If you aren't involved in a C-Group and would like to be, please contact Allen Williams with the form below!


Women's Ministry Gathering
Join us Monday evening, October 9th, at 6:30pm for our Women’s Ministry Gathering! We will be enjoying fellowship, a devotion, worship, and dinner will be provided. We will also have a guest speaker from the NWA Women's Shelter who will be sharing with us how we as women can support other women. Feel free to bring a dessert to share. As always, we will have childcare. Contact Gina Harper, 479-212-8292, with questions. See you there!
Men’s Breakfast
Guys of all ages are invited to join us for our Men's Breakfast on Saturday, October 14th! One of RCC’s Elders, Brian Howard, will be our guest speaker. We will meet in the Worship Center at 8am for an awesome time of food and community! Bring some friends, and we hope to see you there! 
Ladies Out to Lunch Bunch
All ladies are invited to lunch on October 16th at 11am at the Golden Corral in Rogers. This is a fun time of fellowship with other ladies, and we hope you will join us! Contact Krista Howard, 479-903-5762, for more information.
8th Street Motel Serving Ministry
Our next service at 8th Street Motel will be on Thursday, October 26th.  We need 4 people to help with meal preparation at 1pm in the Worship Center Kitchen, and 12 people to help with set up and serving.  We’ll meet in the Worship Center at 4:15pm to go set up, and should be done by 5:30pm. A sign up sheet is available on the RCC table. Contact the church office, 479-636-9067, for questions.
October 31st from 6-7:30pm is Trunk-or-Fest! We will be having decorated trunks and games, candy, a CAKE WALK, inflatables, food, and more! Please sign up to host a trunk or donate candy or baked goods for our cake walk. Help us make this event great! See you there!
The Non-Food Pantry is open on the first Tuesday of every month from 5-6pm. If you, or someone you know needs some help, then stop by! Photo ID and proof of residency in Rogers are needed in order to receive items.
Are you crafty?  Or do you just have a heart for those in pain? Join this ministry!

Pray, while making a shawl, for an individual who has a long term illness  (Illness lasting 6+ months)

How you can help:
1. If you can crochet or knit, your help in making shawls would be greatly appreciated
2. Donations to help with the yarn for making shawls. (Just an average cost for the yarn to make a shawl is approximately $15.)
3. Send in names for people to receive a shawl. Text or call 479-426-5687 or send a  Facebook message to Heather Fyffe.

Contact the Office: